AnoPrint’s photo anodised process offers unrivalled graphic solutions for your corporate requirements and promotional needs. From eye-catching aluminium business cards to stunning lobby artwork, and all kinds of advertising ideas. Our state-of-the-art four colour process anodised reproduction guarantees graphic images of unsurpassed quality and resolution

AnoPrint anodised products cannot be beaten for durability. The unique manufacturing process embeds the printing within the aluminium itself, producing an image that will significantly outlast most competitors’ products. Vinyl, enamel and laminate signs can be easily scratched, flake, peel and breakdown in adverse environments such as the marine industry. In occupational health and safety and industrial sectors this can lead to major safety issues as well as legal ramifications. AnoPrint products are scratch and abrasion resistant. A sapphire-hard aluminium oxide coating holds the dyes within the aluminium itself.


Statutory / Door Signs
Anodised aluminium gives a high quality finish that lasts.  Ideal for statutory, door and directional signs, our signs are extremely durable with a high quality finish that is easy to maintain.


Interpretive Signs
Our process brings out images and text like no other.  Ideal for interpretive signs and plaques, when a stunning, long lasting image is required.


ID Labels / Control Plates…
From barcode labels to serial plates and control interfaces, anodised aluminium is the ideal substrate.  Embedded text and images guarantee that the print stays vivid and clear, and can’t be rubbed off the surface like conventional printing can.